Cobblestone Acres Uno

This blue-eyed buck is a gentle boy.

Available Kids

Dam: Taylorsides Blossom Fest
DOB: March 7, 2019
2 doelings ($400 each), 1 buckling ($350, or $250 as a wether)



*SOLD* Cobblestone Acres Uno: registered buck, blue eyes 
*SOLD* Kevlors Grizwald: registered buck, horned –


*SOLD* Taylorsides Blossom Fest: registered doe, blue eyes


[Sire] Cobblestone Acres Uno + [Dam] Taylorsides Blossom Fest  |  DOB March 7, 2019 | 1 doeling left ($400), 1 buckling ($350, or $250 as a wether)


Kids are dam raised and disbudded.
50% deposit required to hold.

SOLD | $500

Job Description: Herd Studmuffin

DOB: 04.11.2016

“Goatis” is a beautiful and gentle buck. He has big curious blue eyes that you can’t help but love. He gets very frisky when he’s in rut but he get’s the job done VERY quickly. Sometimes we let Goatis run around the barn with us while we work and one time I saw that he had found a mirror and was admiring himself in the mirror with a giant erection. He is a true stud. Goatis is currently looking for a new harem.

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SOLD | $500


Job Description: Junior Studmuffin

DOB: 02.27.2018

Grizwald is our goofball. He jumps in the basket of hay I bring in every morning. He puts his head right in the bucket of water I’m filling so it sprays everywhere. He pulls off my hair and my glasses while his brother (a wether) empties the contents of my pocket and spits it all over the ground. It is impossible to visit Grizwald without laughing out loud. His first kids are expected this spring and we can’t wait to meet them.

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Job Description: Mischief Coordinator

DOB: 12.22.2017

We also got Gladys as a doeling and are very excited for her to give birth so we can meet her beautiful babies. Gladys has such a lovely temperament. She is always right beside me but not too pushy. She stands her ground with the herd but never gets too rough. I’m looking forward to getting her on the milk stand.

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SOLD | $450 ($800 with kid)

Job Description: Herd Matriarch

DOB: 04.27.2014

“Gertrude” came to us with her daughter Gracie and we had the pleasure of delivering her triplets this spring. It warms my heart to see what a good mom Gertie is. She always knows where her kids are and is prepared to butt away anyway who gets too close. She has first dibs on the food in this herd but always makes sure her kids get some. Gertie had 3 big, healthy kids this year and she is nursing all 3 amazingly!

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Job Description: Queen Bee

DOB: 02.05.2018

We got “Gwendolyn” as a doeling and have watched her grow along with her spunky personality. Gwen is the most vocal of the herd, always wanting your attention. She loves to run and jump. No matter how much she grew up, she always seemed to have a bit of kid left in her.

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Job Description: Dog Snuggler


Gracie came to us with her mom Gertie and she is our delicate little flower. She is still little, with muted colouring and delicate features. She has a very distinct, quiet bleat. Every night she curls up with our giant guardian dog Zeus.

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2019 Breeding Schedule

Sire + Dam Date Details
Cobbestone Acres Uno
Taylorsides Blossom Fest
March 7, 2019 2 doelings, 1 buckling
Kevlors Grizwald
Wwinds LB Gladys
April 1, 2019 1 doeling, 1 buckling
both kids retained
Kevlors Grizwald
River Mtn Lady Boots
June 10, 2019